Since 2017, dunnhumby’s Retailer Preference Index (RPI) has prepared U.S. retailers and brands for the evolving customer, based on insights from over 10,000 U.S. shoppers annually, about what matters to them most when shopping at 60+ grocery retailers. The dunnhumby RPI is the only approach to ranking grocers that combines customer perception with financial results.
To better understand the increasingly complex grocery market, including:

  • What drives retailer preference among your customers and your competitors’ shoppers?
  • What retailers are winning and losing? And why?
  • What can be done to improve perception and performance?
  • Which are the trends in consumer behavior to pay close attention to?
Leverage the RPI dataset for custom reports, banner deep dives, and brand equity tracking
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| dunnhumby’s Seventh Annual Retailer Preference Index (RPI) for U.S. Grocery

This comprehensive, nationwide study examines the $1 trillion U.S. grocery market and identifies retailers best positioned to gain share during times of economic uncertainty and – perhaps more importantly – build emotional connection with shoppers now and in the future.
| Special Editions of the RPI
Personalization Retailer Preference Index

Loyalty rewards and personalized promotions have significantly grown in importance since 2019, with more and more consumers expecting a personalized shopping experience. This report will identify the retailers who are excelling and uncover which preference drivers carry the most weight with customers. 
Grocery 2053: A Data Driven Gaze to the Future

While market shifts have felt dramatic for the grocery industry over the past few years, the truth is the shifts that unfold over decades are much more consequential. It is not one five-year period in grocery history that will change the fortunes of retailers. Rather, grocers will rise or fall based on their ability to align themselves to the dominant demographics and trends. This report uncovers the five key pillars that will have the biggest potential to reshape the competitive landscape and highlights the retailers positioned for success.
Inflation Retailer Preference Index

Customers perceive inflation to be three times the actual inflation number of 7.1%. This report gleans insight on how the struggling U.S. grocery shopper is responding to economic uncertainty and which grocers are positioned for success during these inflationary times.
eCommerce Retailer Preference Index

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, online orders and grocery delivery surged. When adjusting to the “new normal” many customers are still relying on these services. Our report establishes which retailer's eCommerce value proposition is best positioned to win with online Customers. Our ranking is the result of a statistical model that predicts how retailer execution on various online Customer needs – Preference Drivers – impacts both emotional bonds formed with Customers and eCommerce Performance.